Building Something New

Are you planning on building a new house or building?

If you are planning on having a new building being built you probably want to hire a design build contractor Wilmington NC.   This type of contractor can have the proper plans drawn up for your new building.  Not only can they draw up the blueprints, they can most likely perform most of the construction work as well.  When you are investing in a new building you want to make sure you have someone in control that knows what they are doing.

Many design build companies offer commercial and residential contracting work for their clients.  This is a good route to take because instead of trying to hire several different companies for the job you can have one company take care of it all.  Not only does this save you money in the long run, there is a good chance the project will get finished quicker.


Elite Heating And Cooling Service

Are you looking for the #1 heating and cooling service?

If you are in search of the best heating and cooling service around simply visit!  There you will find over 25 years of Ac and heat pump repair experience.  But that is not the only thing that amazed me about this HVAC company.  Not only did they have an extreme amount of experience, they also were so friendly.  As if that was not enough Elite’s prices cannot be beat!  So we have a here a heating and cooling company that has years of experience, great customer service and the best prices.  Does not sound like you can find a better company to me.

So if you are stressing about having your HVAC unit looked at or replaced, do not stress any longer..just call Elite!  They will have one of their contractors over to your place in no time at all and you will receive amazing service.


Your Heating And Cooling System

What is the #1 heating and cooling system?

Whenever you have to install an HVAC system, you want to make sure you choose the best system available.  Many people have different opinions on what company produces the best HVAC system.  I personally believe that York makes the best heating and cooling systems on the market today.  I have seen better results with York systems over all  the others. They key though is to simply choose a top of the line heating and air system to install.

Now, choosing the right system is not the only crucial decision you have to make when getting a new heat pump installed.  It would be very wise to make sure you hire a very well experienced HVAC company to do the installation job.  It will do you no good to have a great system but to have it installed incorrectly. This would make it a complete waist.


The Flow Of Air In Your Home

How is the air flow of heat in your home?

Two of the most important aspects of your home is the heating and air flow that you have available.  Without a good airflow of both heat and cool air your home will not be a very pleasant place to stay.  Unfortunately, the lack of both heating and air can cause more problems than just feeling uncomfortable.  If your home gets too hot this can allow bacteria to start growing.  This plus hot air makes if much easier for viruses and germs to live.

If your HVAC system is working correctly you will be able to control the temp and flow of air into your home.  This means you can have somewhat control of bacteria and germs sticking around.  If you do not have that control currently I highly recommend contacting a heating and air company to come and check out your HVAC unit.

AC Service Calls

Air conditioning is 2017’s #1 service call!

The amount of air conditioning Wilmington NC service calls being performed in 2017 is record breaking.  With the above average hot and humid summer heat both residents and businesses seem not to be able to keep cool.  HVAC companies are being called out 24 hours a day to try and fix the AC units in many of these places.  Units motors are simply burning up due to the heat and the entire heating and cooling unit is shutting down and not working at all.

Many HVAC companies are saying the the constant beaming of the sun down on the units is the problem.  Along with the lack of rain is a recipe for disaster for a heating and air unit.  Constant heat from the sun is causing the motors in the air conditioning units to burn up.  In most cases the motor if not the entire AC system is having to be replaced.


Finding The Right HVAC To Install

What units are best for your HVAC needs?

When you are installing a new heating and cooling system you want to use the best HVAC units the industry has to offer.  Not all heating and air systems are equal.  It truly all depends on what your air flow needs are regarding on what kind of AC or heating unit you should have installed.  In many cases a certain unit may work better for one person than it does for another.  The best way to determine this is to contact an HVAC company and ask them to send a contractor out to take a look.

From my personal experience I have found that Trane and York HVAC units are the top of the line.  These two seem to work well in all weather type situations.  Depending if it is a commercial or residential installation job may help make your decision easier.

Installing A New HVAC System

Your #1 concern when installing a new HVAC system

Hiring the best heating and air conditioning company should be your #1 concern when installing a new HVAC system.  It will do you no good to spend thousands of dollars on a new heating and cooling system if it is not installed correctly.  You will have nothing but constant problems if the job is not done properly the first time around.  This is why it is very important to research the HVAC contractors that work for the company you are thinking of hiring.

Every heating and air conditioning company will have certified contractors.  But there are different certifications that are available to all AC contractors.  The best thing to do is when you contact the HVAC company is to ask them what certifications do they require there workers to have.  Go and research the list that they provide you and make your decision based off of the results you find.

Central Air Conditioner

Today’s #1 way to cool the air conditions

They only true way to escape the heat in today’s time is to make sure you have central air conditioning.  The old window air conditioners just simply do not provide enough cool air.  These are fine for small rooms maybe, but large areas you must have an HVAC system to keep the place cool.  Heat Pumps are something that really help make the nights and days much better.  With a heating and cooling system you can set the room temperature to whatever you like.

Now, once you have the temperature of your desire, the HVAC unit will turn off and on to keep the desired temperature set.  When it gets too cold the heat will kick on until the set temp comes back.  This works the same way when it is too hot.  The AC unit will kick on until the air returns to the set temperature.

Installing Heat Pumps

Have you ever tried installing Heat Pumps?

Installing heat pumps can be a very difficult and frustrating thing to do.  This is especially true if you do not have much experience in the HVAC field.  Even veteran heating and cooling contractors experience a difficult time with heat pumps every now and then.  This is why you should never and try and repair or install a heating and air system yourself if you do not have much knowledge of how it works.

Contacting a HVAC company is the smartest thing you can do.  They will send send one of their AC service contractors to your house or business to take a look.  Once the HVAC contractor is there they will take a look to see the best place to install your new AC unit.  They can also determine the best route to take.  This  can save you much time and money.

Repairing An HVAC System

Does your HVAC system need repair work done?

You might need HVAC repair Wilmington NC performed if your heating and cooling system is not providing the right air temperature.  The purpose of your air conditioning and heating system is to be able set the temperature to your desire.  An HVAC system takes note of this temperature and adjusts itself to ensure that the desired temperature is maintained.  When you find that the heating and air flow is not providing the desired temperature you must take action.

When your HVAC system is not producing the set temperature of your desire an HVAC contractor is the best solution.  Simply call the company whom installed your heat pump system and request a service call to be performed.  The contractor will be able to look at your system and determine if you need some HVAC repair work done.  Many times they can fix the problem without any repair work at all.