Air Conditioning And The Summer Months

How important is an air conditioning repair service during the summertime?

Having an air conditioning repair Wilmington NC service to call upon during the summer months is crucial.  This is especially true if you live in a coastal area like the Wilmington, NC metropolitan area.  In the summer months temperatures can reach into the 100’s,  having a working HVAC is a must to remain comfortable.  If your heat pump is not working correctly during this time of year it can actually be quiet dangerous.  This is true for you and if you have pets.

When temperatures reach into the high 90’s or even 100’s you must have somewhere to cool off.  This is the whole purpose of your heating and cooling unit.  It is designed to maintain your home or business at a cool and desired temperature.  This will help you prevent any heat illnesses that occur with high summer temperatures.

The Best HVAC Company In Wilmington, NC

Are you in need of the best AC repair and heating company?

If your HVAC system is not working correctly simply visit  They are hands down the best HVAC company the city of Wilmington, NC has to offer.  They are experts in all fields of the heating and cooling industry.  If you have a problem with your Air conditioner, heat pump, or heating system they have you covered.  ECSI has been supplying customers with the best HVAC service for over 25 years.

Not only do they provide the best contractors, they also use the best products the industry has to offer.  So if your heat pump goes out in the middle of the summer don’t panic.  Just contact ECSI and they will send a heat pump repair contractor over right away to take a look.  They can also provide you with a routine maintenance plan to ensure your comfort year around.

Knowing When To Contact An HVAC Company

Do you need a HVAC company in the Wilmington, NC area?

If your central heating and air has gone out this could be a problem.  Your best option is to contact a HVAC Wilmington NC company to come and take a look.  Their are a few things that you can check yourself before contacting an AC repair company.  Once you have checked your HVAC unit I highly recommend not trying to fix the problem yourself.

The only reason you want to check out your heating and cooling system first is to help identify the problem.  If you can give the air conditioning repair company and idea of what is wrong they can come better prepared.  This information will help fix the problem much quicker.  Not only will you have your cool air flow back faster, it will also help save you some money.

So, the best thing to do is always contact an HVAC company for help.  But try and give them to most information as possible.


Worst Time Of Year For AC Repair

Does your AC unit need repair work done?

If you live in the Carolina’s this is definitely the worst time to need ac repair Wilmington NC work done.  We are approaching the hottest time of year that the Wilmington, NC area has to offer.  So if your needing work on your HVAC unit that means something is not working correctly.  This problem could cause you and your family to suffer quiet a bit if you do not get it fixed right away.

The best thing to do in this situation is to contact a heating and cooling company immediately.  Just about every air conditioning company offers AC repair service calls.  They will come out right away and see if they can figure out what exactly is wrong with your air conditioning unit.  Just don’t wait too long to contact an HVAC repair company, before long they will be completely booked up.