AC Service Calls

Air conditioning is 2017’s #1 service call!

The amount of air conditioning Wilmington NC service calls being performed in 2017 is record breaking.  With the above average hot and humid summer heat both residents and businesses seem not to be able to keep cool.  HVAC companies are being called out 24 hours a day to try and fix the AC units in many of these places.  Units motors are simply burning up due to the heat and the entire heating and cooling unit is shutting down and not working at all.

Many HVAC companies are saying the the constant beaming of the sun down on the units is the problem.  Along with the lack of rain is a recipe for disaster for a heating and air unit.  Constant heat from the sun is causing the motors in the air conditioning units to burn up.  In most cases the motor if not the entire AC system is having to be replaced.


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